It’s 2021!

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Its 9 days after 00.00 entering the new year 2021!

What do I wish or I hope or even I wants in this 2021 year?
Poor me, still have no words crossing my mind. πŸ˜€

But maybe, I will keep continue writing, and writing.

Anyways, below is my BOOK. my ANTOLOGY Book. My FIRST story is inside here. Alhamdulilah. I’m happy, excited. Makes me more write another short-stories.

  1. For my novel -Mystery from Egypt / Children Novel, still on going.
  2. on this January, I join competition for National Poem and childern story. (Lomba menulis dongeng).

Please WISH ME LUCK for these events. ❀

Alright, its enough for now. Will write again, later.


I wish my family will be HAPPY AND HEALTHY!


Mrs. A

Getting start for new “Writing competition – fairy tales”

Time’s showed 12.51am -Sunday. I have no idea, why its a bit hard for me to “work” on early hours. I keep had blocked ideas on my head. I even hardly to write something for the beginning.

But doesnt mean that I dont have something crossing my mind, tho.
I already got it! πŸ™‚

β™‘κΉ€λž˜μ› Kim Rae-wonβ™‘ β€” cute

Just look at his smile and singing my fave songs from one of m fave boybands. and take a deep breath!


>> DL : Dec 31.20

It’s 01.47am

Just cheering up myself while try to finish chapter of my book.

This is the last song before I go to bed. Yea, its in the middle of the night, And I still working on the 2nd chaptered part 6 and 7.

Ok, will share about this novel and the online writing club (Komunitas menulis online) that I joined in this few months, with that kind of tasks.

Honestly, I really enjoy this class. Yep, I did! Alhamdulilah I am happy.
Hopefully I have a good themes, ideas for the stories.

And in this community, they have their own apps. KBM Apps -its called.

You can download it on your phone, and found bunch of national writers, the amateur until the best author , they have it. Hm, Also mine. πŸ™‚

OK, Let me introducing me the writer. So you can find my works there.

I’d 3 books until today. And three of them are “on going status”. means, I am still working on and has not finish yet. πŸ˜€

Nitey-nite, ❀

Just write anything about everything, EVERYDAY

I just put the link here. In case, in the future, everyone can open my 1st novel in KBM apps.

my Pen name : SENANDIKA

I just finished another chaptered for my novel,

The journey still long to go. Today is 31st oct 20 at 03.14am

I just prepared for the 6th uploaded day from 30 days.

Wish me luck guys. will let you know what’s all about.

talk to you later, need to take some snooze here.

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Do you know why I love the smell of the rain?

listen :

Funny Animated Gif: Animated Gifs Rain

Suddenly, my mind I having flash back around 14 years ago. When I travelled outside the hometown to meet new friends, with the same interest in photography and it make a good relationship until few years.

It was after the rain, I went out from the hotel to catch the sunrise. Hoop on motorbike with bunch of young lads. Alhamdulilah, they all a good boys. a good friends too. Yes, riding after the dawn, 3 bikes and the girl only me. All of them are local students who were joined the same photography club with me. The smell of the rain, the smell of the wet soil because the rain.. it’s so fresh. Plus the weather in the morning was sooo fresh! Oh, I forgot, to tell you, that I was travelled on motorbike with the boys to Bantul, Jogjakarta.
The day was went great. And it makes me “hard” to get back to hometown. Its creates a hole inside my heart. I had no idea why. But I think I left my heart there.

Then, few years later, when I go travelled to God’s Island with some colleagues. When we’re sitting on a bench of restaurant, I was looked at the sky, it was the most clearer sky I’ve been watched ever. It was after the rain, the sky was so clear. I can see bunch of the stars above. I can see the “star cluster” / Gugus bintang. And suddenly, my heart is get mellow remember when I was on Bantul. Having fun and enjoying times talking bout my favorites topic with boys.

I was create a poem at that time, but I forgot where was I write it.

Until now, my ideas can easily come up when the rain is falling. The moments become romantic and intimate to creates a sad poem, a happy poem or short story.

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Anyways, recently, I joined one of online writing class. Well, I hope I can learn how to be a good writer. How to creates a good stories, with good compose words.
Writing is always be my passion. Either creates poems, short stories, lyrics. Since elementary school, I already wrote the diaries. (of course, I kept it for myself)

vocaloid writing gif | WiffleGif

This behavior happen since I love to read books. Yes, since the elementary too, I become enthusiastic with children books. until now. of course My favorite will always Detective, mystery. But now, I need to get more “knowledge” in children stories. hahah.
Yes, of course I had plenty of them. its for my children. That’s why I creates some fiction stories for them. telling them bedtime stories. (full of good behavior, good personality, also based on Islamic culture.)

Alrighty, I’ll write back again. Tomorrow.
Right now, I just submitted the 1st task from the Writing class. the individual story, that will be a novel in few months. Just wish me luck. I write about the longest idea I keep on my brain. Its for children. Its mystery and my favorite theme ( and now, my children also love the theme).

psst, the other task, will be a group task. We’ll see how is it going tomorrow. its an adult short story. (adult themes, not a porn) ahahaha

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– A –


I love it a lot.
It keeps me alive.
It can make me creative.
Mostly it can leads me to unknown places.

Creates so many memories
Help me to heal my pain
Show me what’s love suppose to be
and give me picture about life itself,

Sometimes, its like a mirror to me
It can ease my sad
It shows me how to have a faith
It can make me happy.

I can nodded my head
I can smile of it
I can swing my body on it
I can shouting out loud

Yes follow the rhythm.
Get into the tune
Beat the lines
My mood will back fine

– Xoxo,
01 Oct 2020 –

Another year with the new age

Happy Birthday Party GIF by Bare Tree Media - Find & Share on GIPHY

birthΒ·day/ˈbΙ™rTHˌdā/Learn to pronounce noun
the anniversary of the day on which a person was born, typically treated as an occasion for celebration and the giving of gifts.

Everyone has their own birthday “celebration” looks. It could be as simple as having a cake with their loved ones, or even having party in some pretty place, or favorite restaurant, hotel, amusement park, or their family, friends, spouse or childern throw out the surprise party.

While for me, hmm, I am not copped with kind of one of that. Actually, I’d like to have something special for my “special” day.

My Thought :
I think, a day when someone’s born is a special one. Just like wedding party. The moment only happen in less then 24 hours, then in the next day will be normally do as usual. That’s why sometimes I think, its better doing nothing on the born-day because the excitement only running less 24 hours. While, I need it everyday. (The excitement = the happy treatment)

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My Campus Life

Campus Life

Facebook has reminds me again for #majorthrowback.

I never share bout the story behinds. Eversince I found these photos, made my mind travelled back when I was in college. A few moments that really had good memories to keep in my mind until now. (I almost cry when I see these pics πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί, isnt because the sadness but tears of joy being having times with best friends). Which I dont have any until now. (Not because of the Covid-19 itself) since I am stayed at home, Its a rare to spend time with friends.

At college, I can do the things, going where with best friends (karaoke,movies, strolling ’round the mall), spending me-time even on the bus on the way going home by listening on the radio( i was an active listener and request songs on Campus Radio /listening my new cassettes in walkman while reading novels. Or spending 1-2 hours in the internet cafe before entering the class. Ohh HOW I MISSED THOSE MOMENTS

Bout the pics :

  1. Corner on the top left : were taken picture to joining tv quiz “Tebak Kata”. And not after long awaits, the programme talents contact us, to had audition with hundred of groups college from around Jakarta ( I guessed). But we just stopped until the audition πŸ˜‚ but its a fun so we are OKAY.
  2. The Top Right corner : I guessed this was Marie’s bday. We always having surprised cake after class. Whoever having birthday. I remembered I was had PIZZA with candle on top. Of course personal pan pizza. Then those girls gave me picture frame with our pic inside. Small but I still have it until now. PRECIOUS!
  3. Then below it : I guessed this was on our first year of college. Because there are friends who still in the same class ( general course)- kuliah mata pelajaran umum sebelum ambil penjurusan.
  4. The middle pic : this was our first tour visit to ICRC office -International Committee of Red Cross Geneve ( Palang Merah Internasional). Its was fun tho. And that was with our lecture Ms Arina.
  5. The left bottom : my precious moment, because We were visiting UNITED NATION BUILDING. ❣❣

I was took Transnasional Law(international Law) major. Thats why I had chances to visit some coolest building/ office. Oh and do you know, refugee was on of my fave subject.

Also beside the Trans Law course I also took Forensic Law ( Only who took this major). Yep, visiting the morgue in RSCM. Was one of best experience I ever had. I love this major too. Enjoying how the forensic doctor “sliced the dead body” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and from there, I just know that human body contains HEAVY organs. In literally HEAVY and BIG. Such as intestines ( Usus, red)- this the longest organs that GOD creates and YOU DONT KNOW how it CAN FIT INTO YOUR BODY, lungs (paru, red), spleen (limpa, red) and heart ( jantung,red). The dead body was the unknown person. Mostly the homeless people, who the body didnt get picked / recognized to any family or their relatives until some due times.

So the body will be used by students of medical to learnt bout the organs by doing autopsy. And the interesting part, before we entered the morgue room, had to smell some coffee beans. Why? Because most of the dead body was there for more than 3 days since discovered (on the street/or street accidents) so the odor will be smelly of rotten. And surprisingly the coffee beans can covered our smell sense. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜…

Hmm what else I can share bout my campus life ya. I will write more once I found some interesting memories. OKAY. 😊😊


Snacking Time

I want to introduce you-my viewers about my new business. It’s run in snack industry. I am selling various snack foods. In my country- Indonesia. lots of people, from young age to the elder love to feed their tummy with snack.

– what is SNACK :
Noun(1) a light informal meal

– when people can do this SNACKing :
in between breakfast and lunch break or even before dinner time. or even consume this in their meal. hahaha. well, because it can be eat with rice, noodles, potato, anything and everything you guys like. πŸ™‚

1. BANANA Chips.
link to buy :

2. MACARONI Chips.
link to buy :

Makaroni Kirun Makarun - ricky harun di lapak Toko Zeyn Busana ...
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3. Mushroom chips.
brand : Jalu – Jamur Lunas by Saptuari

Link to buy :

4. Chicken intestine alias USUS AYAM Chips.
Brand : SUGIH by Saptuari

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If you like to try you can buy it by send me WA or just click the link.